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Turkish Coffee

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Scripture for Today: Romans 12:11 “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”

It is a careful multi-step process to make an authentic cup of Turkish coffee.  If there are not at least a few grounds in the bottom of the cup I would be suspicious!  The coffee is very finely ground, preferably in a brass grinder.  The cevre or metal long-handled pot can be brass or copper.  But just as important as the equipment is the process of boiling the coffee twice, building a foam and allowing the powder to settle before serving.  All I know is that the resulting caffeine high can last me the entire day!

Would that spiritual energy could be found in a simple drink!  Today’s verse encourages believers to be zealous in their service to the Lord.  We are to keep our spiritual fervor so as to persevere and not give up when the hard times come.  We are to keep fueled, tanked up, or aflame, not burning out.  That enthusiasm we started with is to continue pushing us forward.

How do I keep to that level of zeal?  When I do not see results from my service, I lose my enthusiasm.  When I do not see that it makes much difference, I can easily lose heart.  There is only one way to be refueled and rediscover that joy and motivation to serve Him.  And that is by the Spirit’s filling (Eph. 5:18).  His filling gives me strength to keep on keeping on!  His power provides that excitement and motivation to advance His agenda today.  His filling even helps me to face a mundane routine.  I do not need to fill up with coffee.  I need to fill up with His Spirit!

Thank you Lord, for being the Source of my zeal and fervor.


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