Devotions By Jan

Seeing is Believing?


Scripture for Today: Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

While living in Grenoble, France, we would often have foggy socked-in days.  Nestled in the valley with the Alps soaring above, we knew sun was shining on those peaks.  We knew because as often as schedule would allow, we would drive up the mountain to see the sun.  We would look down on that blanket of fog covering everything and revel in the sun’s warmth.  But life awaited below so back down into the fog we would drive, remembering the sun but no longer seeing it.

Today’s verse is a very clear definition of the word, “faith.”  It is confidence in our hope and assurance of what is there even though we cannot see it.  We cannot see with our physical eyes what we can see with our spiritual ones!  Thomas would not believe the Lord had risen until he could actually physically see and touch Him.  But we are in that special group that are blessed for believing without seeing! (John 20:29)

Most of the time my spiritual eyes are seeing His beauty, His power and His grace towards me.  But there are days when my spiritual vision seems clouded.  Just as the fog blurs the landscape, so my view of spiritual truth can seem blurred.  I know He is still there but my perspective has changed.  It usually happens when I neglect His Word.  It is sure to happen when I am not speaking with Him.  And that fog can become quite thick the longer I doubt or ignore Him.  But I am amazed at how quickly that fog can lift when I turn back to Him, His promises and His whispers of love!

Lord, lift that fog today!

3 thoughts on “Seeing is Believing?

  1. Thanks again Jan, we get busy, and God waits silently.


  2. Great analogy – thanks for the blessing. xxxooo


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