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Black Friday Season


Scripture for Today: Romans 13:8 “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the Law.”

Today is call, “Black Friday,” although the term now encompasses a whole season!  It signals the unofficial start of Christmas shopping. The term in the 1950’s referred to all the workers calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving.  In the 1960’s it was used by policemen in Philadelphia to describe the mass of shoppers and the resulting congestion.  The term has now come to mean retailers finally pulling out of the red ink and into the black on their balance sheets.

Today’s verse talks about a debt that belongs to every believer.  Unlike retailers on Black Friday, we will never pull out of the red ink and into the black on this debt.  The debt of love is never completely paid.  Perfectly loving others completely fulfills the Law.  This is because all of the Law is summed up in loving one’s neighbor as one’s self (verse 9).  But there is only One who has been able to fulfill the Law with a perfect love and that is Jesus.

I cannot drum up love for some people, even during the feel-good holidays.  There are times I feel like a hypocrite celebrating peace and love when harboring an unforgiving spirit.  He knows and He sees my heart.  And He also offers His love, made available to me by His Spirit.  His filling and control helps me to show love even to that hard-to-love person.  I may not feel warm and fuzzy but showing love is not simply a feeling.  It is serving and giving and honestly wanting the best for him.

Lord, fill my heart with Your love today.

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  1. I like that our Lord teaches that our debt is to love others.

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