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Scripture for Today:  Psalm 90:12  “So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.”

It has been a tradition in our home over the years to count down to Christmas.  Whether it is done with an image, a chocolate or a small toy, the excitement builds as the days are counted down until Christmas day.  Of course, the age-old tradition of the Advent wreath and all its symbolism is a much more significant way to mark the days until the birth of our Savior.  With each lit candle and Scripture reading we celebrate His first arrival and anticipate His second.

Today’s verse talks about numbering our days.  Knowing that our days have an end is not a new concept.  But for all of us, we need to be reminded to live with the end in sight.  As this prayer of Moses says, numbering our days makes us wise as they so quickly pass (verse 10).  More important than their number, we can live those days with joy and gladness, satisfied with His love (verse 14).   And looking toward the end makes us wise and helps us decide what is important today.

Regardless of the number of days the Lord allows me, I am to be counting down, making the most of every one of them.  That last little window of my life’s calendar waits to be opened.  What lies behind it is beyond my feeble attempts to even imagine!  I can look forward to that last window with joyful anticipation even though I know it means being finished with counting.  In the meantime I want to be intentional by making my days count and by living my days for Him, enjoying His love and presence each day.

Lord, make my heart wise as I count down to Heaven’s window!

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