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Noël Bleu

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Scripture for Today: I John 2:10 “Anyone who loves their brother and sister lives in the light and there is nothing in them to make them stumble.”

Our home town of Guebwiller in France transforms itself every Christmas into a sea of blue!  The normally unremarkable downtown streets dress themselves in blue light and the result is magical!  The light is soft enough to enchant but bright enough to walk confidently in the darkness.  That blue light shines just enough to light the way while at the same time beautifying what in the daytime can be  mundane.  It is truly a Nöel Bleu or Blue Christmas!

Today’s verse talks about how to live in beautiful  light.  Jesus calls Himself the Light of the World ( John 8:12).  He illuminates the path of obedience we are to walk.  By obeying Him we remain within the beam of that light.  It is easier to talk about obedience in general terms, but here the verse is very specific about one particular commandment; loving our brother and sister in Christ.  Loving other believers keeps me in His light and on the right path.

I never realized before how closely love and light are linked.  The amount of light I live with is dependent on how much I love my brother.  Quite frankly, I get used to my way being dimly lit.  My eyes adjust to the lack of light due to my lack of love.  I do not think to do anything about it…….until I stumble.  I trip on my lack of love.  How much better it is to make the effort to love!  My walk is so much more pleasant in the light.  Thankfully, I do not have to muster up that love on my own.  His Spirit’s indwelling provides that love.

Lord, fill me with Your love and light today!

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