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Swaying Bridge

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Scripture for Today: I Corinthians 16:13  “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.”

This rope bridge cannot help but sway with the way it is suspended.  There are plenty of supports to hang on to while crossing over it but there is no avoiding its side-to-side movement.  It may seem like this bridge in Borneo is attached to that nearby tree, but in fact it stands a few feet from it.  Looking down would probably not be helpful!  But you could bet that I would be alert and wary of my steps.

Today’s verse almost sounds like a pep talk!  Paul is ending his letter with some personal requests but includes this charge to stand firm in the faith.  We stand firm by being alert and on our guard.  We stand firm by being courageous and strong.    One can be lulled by a false security in the routine.  We can become inattentive and just not paying attention.  But we are to be watchful that our faith is not destabilized by the hard times that can surprise us.

For what am I to be watching?  The answer could be anything that weakens my faith.  It could be worry over a family member or a health problem.  It could be financial concerns.  It could be loss of a loved one.  Everyday has the potential to weaken faith.  It is a temptation to think God does not care.  I can begin to doubt His love or His goodness.  Instead of standing firm, I begin to sway.  But thankfully, when that happens, the Lord reaches out His arm to steady me!  His help is what gives me courage and strength!

Thank you, Lord, for helping me stand firm!

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