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My Wrestling Opponent

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 13:2 “How long must I wrestle with my thoughts and day after day have sorrow in my heart? How long will my enemy triumph over me?”

This is not a sport I normally watch.  But I have learned to appreciate it a bit more when learning about strategy.  Each move is calculated to pin the opponent on his back, shoulders blades touching the mat for at least two seconds.  Sometimes, no one gets pinned in which case the winner is the one with the most points doing the following: the Take Down, the Escape, the Reversal, and the Near Fall.  With the Reversal move you are on the mat but you come up from underneath and regain control.

Today’s verse has David wrestling with his thoughts.  He feels that God has abandoned him and is hiding His face.  His enemies seem to have the upper hand.  These thoughts are bringing David down to the mat with sorrow.  But by the end of the psalm David wins this wrestling match with a Reversal!  His thoughts have him on the mat but not for long.  David comes up from underneath his thoughts and regains control.  He does this by declaring the truth of God’s unfailing love and by rejoicing in the fact of his salvation!  Telling himself the Truth has given David the victory.

These days I feel as if I am having to wrestle with my thoughts.  My fears, doubts and uneasy reflections have often pinned me down in this strange time of self-isolation.  How long?  How long will I be sad?  But Reversal is possible when I turn to the Lord and His words of comfort.  Two seconds of Truth is all it takes to pin down those negative thoughts!

Thank you, Lord, for the victory Your Truth brings!

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