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Cordon Bleu

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 108:1 “My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul.”

I normally think of Cordon Bleu as crumb-enrobed chicken rolled with Swiss cheese and ham.  But this name is also given to these sweet finches.  The red-cheeked variety is among the most popular exotic finches.  They are native to Africa and our friends living in the Ivory Coast enjoy seeing them in their yard.  A pair will sing to each other and it is thought that this helps with “pair bonding,” developing a strong affinity and a life-long bond.

Today’s verse talks about singing and making music.  This is a love song and it comes from a heart that is steadfast.  It is music that involves all of the soul.  And like the song of the finch, it strengthens a bond, our bond with our Creator.  He is the only One who can discern when music is made with all of our soul.  Because He loves us, He listens intently to our impromptu concert, and we feel His pleasure.  With the singing, our heart becomes even more steadfast as the bond of love grows stronger.

If I do not feel much like singing or making music for this audience of One, it may be that my heart is far from steadfast.  When I am discontented, focused on the negative or unstable from worry and fear, there is no incentive to praise Him.  Thankfully, my heart becomes steadfast again after spending time in His Word.  He reminds me of His love and strengthens my faith.  His Word, full of reassurance and promise, is His love song to me.  It is only then that music returns to my soul and can be directed back to Him!

Lord, keep me singing today!

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