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The Gecko

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Scripture for Today: Deuteronomy 13:4 “It is the Lord your God you must follow, and Him you must revere. Keep His commandments and obey Him; serve Him and hold fast to Him.”

Meet our uninvited house guest!  He and all his friends even faithfully attended our small church in Taiwan one summer long ago! I didn’t mind the geckos as they ate all those nasty mosquitos and spiders.  And I will admit they were a welcomed entertainment during sermons in Taiwanese that I did not understand.  Their ability to scamper up walls and dart upside down across the ceilings had me worried, but holding on never seemed to be a problem!

Today’s verse tells us to hold fast to the Lord our God.  We hold fast to Him by refusing to follow any other god.  It is through revering Him, obeying Him and serving Him that we hold firmly to our faith.  Regardless of what the world around us does, we are to stay true to Him.  This charge was repeated by Joshua as his farewell message (Joshua 23:8).  He knew the people would feel the pressure from surrounding nations to worship false gods.  And he knew that the people would experience blessing and not discipline if they would hold fast to God.

Holding fast to God is a challenge in any century.  Resisting the surrounding culture takes firm resolve.  Those false gods of money, recognition, or influence can be enticing.  But when I am occupied with obeying His Word and serving Him, I am less inclined to let go of Him.  Just as God created the toe pads of the gecko to grip ceilings and walls, so He has created me to desire Him.  The Lord will not let me fall when I hold fast!

Lord, keep me faithful to You today.

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