Devotions By Jan

Coming out of Hibernation


Scripture for Today: Matt.6:31 “So do not worry saying, ‘What shall we eat? or ‘What shall we drink?’ or “What shall we wear?’  For the pagans run after all these things and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.”

There is just one thing on the mind of the bear coming out of hibernation; food!  For six months he has been in a low energy mode, conserving strength with a decreased metabolism.  Now, he is ready to make up for lost time!  These North American black bears have used up all their stored fat and are ready to pack on the pounds and return to their normal metabolism.

Today’s verse tells us not to worry over our basic needs.  Our heavenly Father has promised to provide for His own.  I picture the ending of this pandemic a bit like coming out of hibernation.  With sheltering in place, many have no problem with their weight being low!  But we do come out blinking in the sunshine and ready to return to cafes and restaurants, tired of our own cooking.  Some are sick to death of their clothes and ready to shop for something new.  It is understandable.

This extended time at home with a slower pace has reminded me what is most important in my life.  The distractions of going out, being entertained, eating, drinking and shopping have been stripped away.  Life has boiled down to the essentials.  And for the believer the essential is to seek His Kingdom and righteousness (verse 33).  My relationship to the King takes precedent over everything else.  When I put my relationship with Him first, everything else shifts to its proper place.  I can enjoy those activities without letting them drain mental energy or my time.

Thank you Lord, for taking care of all my needs.

2 thoughts on “Coming out of Hibernation

  1. This is a good reminder of what is essential. I hope I remember this when life picks up again. Thank you.


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