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The Peacock Butterfly

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 54:7 “You have delivered me from all my troubles and  my eyes have looked in triumph over my foes.”

The peacock bird is not the only one who can boast about its “eyes.”  The peacock butterfly is recognizable for its four large eyespots, similar to the peacock bird.  But for the butterfly, these eyes are not just for looks.  They serve to confuse and startle its predators.  Their predators sense that the spots may belong to a potential enemy.  That moment of hesitation is often all that is need to save the life of this butterfly.

Today’s verse is from a psalm that cries out to God for help.  David is being pursued by Saul with the help of the Ziphites (I Sam. 23:19-29).  The situation was serious as they were intent on killing him.  David finds reassurance in proclaiming God as his help (verse 4).  Instead of allowing his predicament to overwhelm him, David remembers that God has delivered him in the past and his eyes have looked in triumph on his enemies.  And that is exactly what happens again!  Just as Saul and his men were closing in, a messenger arrives to bring Saul back to deal with the invading Philistines!

My eyes will one day look in triumph over my enemies as well.  The Lord is for me and though I encounter plenty of trouble, Christ has already overcome the world (John 16:33) and this is my encouragement.  My enemies are sometimes visible but many times are not as the battle is spiritual in nature (Eph. 6:12).  Regardless, He has given me spiritual eyes to see His presence and protection!  And His eyes are on me!  He is El Roi, the God who sees and I can count on Him.

Thank you Lord, for getting me out of what can appear hopeless!



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