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Desert Soil

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Scripture for Today: Colossians 1:16b-17 “…all things have been created through Him and for Him. He (Christ) is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.”

The views in the Utah National Parks are truly breathtaking!  Around every corner is another amazing scene of cliffs, arches, and odd rock formations.  One thing that seems unimpressive is the unforgiving soil being so dry and barren.  But in fact, it is teeming with activity, due to the microscopic cyanobacteria one eighth of an inch below that surface.  There are signs to keep off this fragile crust.  This bacteria is binding the sand and soil particles together, creating a place for algae, moss and fungi to grow.

Today’s verse is a powerful statement to the absolute creative control Jesus has in every part of nature.  Despite what one believes about how this earth came into being, these verses say categorically that Christ was involved in the process.  Everything created has been created through Him and for Him.  No power is above Him and in Him and that power, all things hold together.  From the exact tilt of our earth to the crust on the desert floor, He holds it all together.

Because He can and does hold things together on such a grand scale, I can be confident that He holds me and my life together as well.  His creative power holds me squarely and securely in His hand (John 10:28).  Nothing is out of His control today even if I feel like things are flying apart.  He even scrutinizes the path ahead, knowing what is around the next corner (Psalm 139:3).  When I am feeling overwhelmed, He holds together what I cannot.  He knows the end from the beginning and I can trust Him with every detail.

Thank you Lord, for holding me together.

(Look familiar?  Summer reposing while reposting!)

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