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Elephant Ear Plant

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Scripture for Today: Psalms 85:8  “I will listen to what God the Lord says; He promises peace to His people, His faithful servants –  but let them not turn to folly.”

The reason for the name of this plant is obvious.  The size and shape of this plant’s leaves resemble the ear of the elephant.  In fact, this invasive plant can overshadow the surrounding flowering plants with its big leaves, blocking their sunlight.  The leaves of the Elephant Ear can grow three feet long and two feet wide, or more!  If their ears could actually hear, I wonder if they would hear their gardener grumbling about their size and tendency to take over the garden!

I wish my spiritual ears were as big as this plant so as not to miss God’s voice!  In today’s verse God’s voice promises peace to His faithful servants.  It begins with the psalmist’s statement of intention, “I will.”  There are a myriad of sounds out there clamoring to be heard.  But listening to the Lord through His Word takes intentional effort and discipline.  And listening to Him keeps us from folly or doing anything foolish.

He speaks peace to those that belong to Him.  What a promise!  So many times I have come to Him in prayer totally agitated and stressed.  He calms me down and listening intently I hear reminders of His love and control in my circumstances.  I get in that troubled state usually because I have not been listening to Him in the first place!  If I am honest with myself, I realize I am quite capable of doing all kinds of foolish things with impeccable rationale!  Listening to Him daily through His Word is the best way to avoid my own folly.  And I need the peace and calm He offers.

Lord, keep me peaceful by listening to You!



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