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A Season

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Scripture for Today: Ecclesiastes 3:1 “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

The vineyards of Alsace, France are breathtaking in the autumn! Rich golden color covers the hillsides and when the sun shines just right, the leaves look to be on fire! But it will not be long before these leaves turn brown, shrivel and fall to the ground, exposing gnarled bare branches. I miss being surrounded by these vineyards as they mark the passing of time. There was a sense of order and comfort knowing that each season will make its appearance in due time.

Today’s verse reminds us of the passing of time and seasons. The earth is locked into a cycle of time that has no equivalent above the heavens. The seasons are unique to us. Heaven and eternity are not bound or limited by time. And each season that God ordains in our lives has a God-given purpose for His glory. There is a time for birth or death, mourning or dancing, speaking or remaining silent, among many other activities “under heaven.” (verse 2-8) What is always encouraging is that God is the Eternal Rock of Ages, unaffected by time or seasons.

Seasons change. I miss living in the vineyards as now I am in a different season of life. But each season, whether negative or positive, is temporary. And even though I enjoy my current season, the next one may bring some challenging times. But there is coming a “season” that will be eternal and unchanging! In Heaven, I will be forever in His presence where there is joy and eternal pleasures. (Psalm 16:11) There will be no sin to separate and no end to the unimaginable fulfillment of a life with my Creator!

Lord, keep me focused on that time without end!

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