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Great Slave Lake

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Scripture for Today: II Peter 2:19 “They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity – for people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.”

What an odd name for a lake! This immense body of freshwater is Canada’s second largest and is located in the Northwest Territory. This lake and many other bodies of water in that region are named after the Slave Indians. I was expecting to learn of a past full of slavery. However, the Slavey Indian Tribe were never actually slaves. Their name for themselves is “Dene.” The Slave name was given them by their more aggressive neighbors, the Chee.

I have never been a slave either. At least I used to think that way, but today’s verse tells me something different. We are slaves to whatever masters us. One can think one is free when at the same time being a slave to depravity. The “lustful desires of the flesh” (verse 18) can unknowingly be our master. We are told we are slaves either to sin or to obedience and righteousness. (Rom. 6:16) We serve one or the other of these two masters!

It is disconcerting to see that there is no middle ground! But if I have to be a slave, controlled by something outside of myself, I would rather it be something good and positive! When Christ took my place by dying on the cross, He broke the power of sin to master me! Now, I am truly free to serve Him. And what a loving and gentle Master He is! His will for me is always pleasing, good and perfect. (Rom. 12:2) His burden for me is light (Matt. 11:30) and He promises that in following Him my life will be a full one! (John 10:10)

Lord, You are my Master. Help me live this truth today.

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