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Star Gazing

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”

It was amazing to see Jupiter and Saturn lining up, something that has not occurred at such proximity since 1623! The fact that it happened near Christmas gave it special meaning for believers. It brought to mind the miraculous Christmas star guiding the Magi to the Savior’s birth. However, the reaction of some was much different as this photo shows, taken on Balboa Island. There seems to be a religious observance going on but I am not sure it has anything to do with the star’s Creator.

Today’s verse reminds us of what we instinctively know when we look up. The heavens declare loud and clear that they have a Creator! More important than Jupiter and Saturn lining up is mankind’s lining up their thinking to this incredible truth! God’s eternal power and divinity are clearly seen and understood from what has been created. (Romans 1:20) The skies proclaim that this magnificent awesome beauty is the work of His hands! How incredible it is that the Creator of this star and the entire universe is the same One who wants to create a personal relationship with each of us through His Son.

How is it that we can discount and minimize the wonder of the skies! I am dumbfounded by those who take gorgeous pictures of our world but do not give recognition to its Maker. The more science reveals the amazing details of nature, the more my heart sings in praise to the creative genius of Christ! It is through the Son that all things are created and are held together. (Col.1:16-17) And He continues to create in me the praise that is due Him!

Thank you Lord, that our world reveals You!

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