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The Feet of a Deer


Scripture for Today: Habakkuk 3:19 “The Sovereign Lord is my strength, he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights.”

The deer at this altitude seems totally unimpressed with the view! It is because the feet of the deer are so adapted to climbing that they can reach these heights. Whether chasing other deer, evading danger or simply running, their muscular hind legs propel them forward. The front legs actually act like pivot points to make sharp turns. But it is the hooves that make it all possible. The deer can place his back feet exactly where his two front feet were, needing only two foot rests instead of four.

The prophet, Habakkuk, declares in today’s verse that the Sovereign Lord is his strength. He acknowledges by this statement that he has no strength of his own. And by calling the Lord, “Sovereign,” he recognizes that whatever his difficult circumstances may be, God is the One who is in control. Rather than focus on his limitations, Habakkuk sees God leading him to the heights, enabling him to stand confident and sure-footed! Habakkuk is not living in his circumstances, but above them!

Without God’s help and strength, I am unsure and wobbly. When the path is level I can do pretty well on my own. The problem is that my life is seldom smooth. My path is strewn with pits and obstacles. My circumstances trip me up. Instead of relying on Him, I try to maneuver on my own. In doing so, my head is down and I miss the heights with their fantastic views. I need God’s help and strength everyday.  When He answers my cry, He enables me to stand on the heights and enjoy the view of His faithfulness!

Lord, make my feet like the deer today.

2 thoughts on “The Feet of a Deer

  1. The Sovereign Lord is my strength. It so honors God. Thank you for sharing about deer and their footing. I didn’t know!

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