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Meeting My Twin

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

The unthinkable actually happened. We were visiting a chateau in the Loire Valley with friends and I crossed paths with my twin. Okay, so she was not my twin but we were wearing the same dress. My husband had to snap the picture. However, it was not for the purpose of playing the game, “Who Wore it Better?” Normally, one does not strike up a conversation with a complete stranger in French society, but in this case an exception was made! We had a good laugh and teased each other about our good taste and our different accessories.

Today’s verse comes from a psalm of David that acknowledges God’s intimate knowledge of His creation. From the very beginning in our mother’s womb, He has formed us to be exactly who we are. Our particular combination of DNA is not by chance. Each one of us, even identical twins, can say we are unique and unlike anyone else. And each of us can say that we are wonderfully made when we see all the intricacies and complexities to our bodies.

The fact that we are unique can also be said of our individual relationship with God. All men have the same need for salvation. And all believers have the same access to God through His Son, Jesus. However, each of us relate to Him a bit differently. Our personalities, life experiences, our emotions and our understanding of God’s Word all play a part in this special and unique and growing relationship. There are no cookie-cutter ways to commune with Him. Although based on what Scripture teaches, His relationship with me is unique to me. 

Thank you Lord, that You make our relationship so intensely personal!

(Look familiar? This is a reworked post from 2006!)

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