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Slippery Jack

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 37:30-31 “The mouths of the righteous utter wisdom, and their tongues speak what is just. The law of their God is in their hearts, their feet do not slip.”

(Photo: © Michael Wood)

If you find yourself slipping as you walk in the forest, it may be because you have stepped on a Slippery Jack Mushroom! You can take your revenge by picking it and cooking it for your dinner as it is edible. Their name comes from their slippery slimy cap. But its name has another source as well. Apparently, there is a Slippery Jill Mushroom too! And of course, those two names recall the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme where both characters fall climbing that hill.

Today’s verses describe the righteous as being wise in what they say. They speak only what is just and true. The law of God is not something they only agree with in principle. It is something they cherish and have in their hearts. God’s law is the source of their wisdom and it is in following God’s law that their feet do not slip. God’s law lives in their hearts instead of just laying on the bookshelf. The righteous allow God’s law to keep them from any slip of the tongue.

God does not want me to slip. But it is exactly what I do when I am wise in my own eyes and when I think I know better! God’s laws are not just good ideas. They are inspired and given with love to spare me unnecessary pain. I do not want to grudgingly obey them. I want to cherish and love them for the wisdom they give. I don’t just want them in my head but in my heart.

Lord, help me to keep Your law in my heart.

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