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Swallowed AirPod


Scripture for Today: Psalms 85:8  “I will listen to what God the Lord says; He promises peace to His people, His faithful servants – but let them not turn to folly.”

It is a nice idea to listen to soft relaxing music while drifting off to sleep. But for one man, this peaceful experience sent him to the emergency room the next morning! After trying to drink a glass of water that would not go down, it was suggested that maybe he had swallowed his AirPod. Sure enough, he could only account for one! It took an emergency endoscopy to remove it from his esophagus!

There are many things that can make us feel peaceful. But today’s verse gives the Source of peace. We are encouraged to actively listen to Him. And it begins with a statement of intention, “I will.” Listening to the Lord through His Word takes effort and discipline. How worth it that is when He speaks peace to those that belong to Him! Listening to what God has to say not only gives us peace of heart but keeps us from acting on our own foolish ideas. What a peace we have in His unfailing love and salvation! (verse 7)

So many times I have come to Him in prayer totally agitated and stressed. He speaks peace. Especially in these troubled times, He calms me down. And listening intently, I hear reminders of His love and control in my circumstances. I get in that troubled state usually because I have not been listening to Him in the first place! Not only do I hear Him speak peace, but listening to Him keeps me from doing something foolish. Listening to Him daily through His Word is the best way to avoid my own folly. Oh how I need the peace and calm He offers!

Lord, keep me listening to You today.

2 thoughts on “Swallowed AirPod

  1. I wear AirPods to sleep so this one hit home 😂
    It’s amazing how God can speak peace in the midst of chaos. Thanks for the reminder to listen


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