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Golf Carts Only

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Scripture for Today: Romans 2:15 “They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.”

The morning beckoned and the path through the golf course was deserted. What a perfect place to take my walk! It did not occur to me that I might be hit by a golf ball or that I might be run over by an approaching golf cart. But apparently, that was the concern behind the rule I was inadvertently breaking! In my defense, there were no signs posted, but I was still breaking the rule and was escorted off that path.

Today’s verse teaches that no such excuse works for mankind when faced with God’s Law. Even when ignorant of that Law, we instinctively do the things of the Law. It is universally written on the hearts of men. That is why so many judicial systems reflect it, at least in part. Stealing, murder and child abuse are considered wrong and are illegal. For the most part, we respect honesty in business, fidelity to a spouse, care for children and generosity to the poor. And God’s Law lets us know what sin is and how guilty we all are (Romans 7:7).

Had I ignored that golf cart rule after being called on it, I could continue walking. But looking over my shoulder, my conscience would be working on overdrive! That’s what law does; makes us aware of our utter inability to perfectly keep it! How thankful I am that there was One who fulfilled God’s Law completely on my behalf! Christ met the perfect standards of God’s Law and saved me from my sinful self. When God sees me, He sees Christ’s gift of righteousness (Romans 10:4).

Thank you, Lord, for the grace You made possible.

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