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Cicada Invasion!

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Scripture for Today: Psalms 150:6  “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!  Praise the Lord!”

CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get ready for a noisy invasion! Every seventeen years the Brood X Cicada emerges from underground in fifteen eastern states. This is no small invasion as he is joined with about a trillion of his friends! They appear en masse to follow a strict program of shedding skins, flying, mating, laying eggs and dying, all within several weeks. They are natural pruners for trees and add nitrogen to the soil when they die. But the negative side is their loud mating noise that some call singing. It can be deafening.

Today’s verse is a call to praise the Lord. In this short psalm, instruments are listed that can praise the Lord. But so can the cicada. He may not sound melodious but neither does the clashing cymbal! (verse 5) He has breath too and his chirping, clicking and buzzing are praise to his Creator. All creeping things are to praise the Lord, from the great sea creature to the small. (Psalm 148:7, 10) But how much more meaningful is man’s conscious and specific praise!

He is worthy of all my praise all the time. I want His praise to continually be in my mouth! Life and breath were given to me for this very purpose. When my heart is “tuned to sing His praise,” then I am fulfilling my purpose here on earth. Praise to my Creator begins here imperfectly but will continue into eternity! There, my praise will be beautifully melodious! But whether here or there, I want every breath of my life be a praise to Him for all He has done for me!

Lord, You deserve every note of praise!

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