Devotions By Jan

Poking Holes


Scripture for Today: Hebrews 11:10 “He (Abraham) was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.”

There was a problem. We had been living with it for awhile and finally decided to do something about it. The “something” meant poking a hole in the foundation. It was the only way to fix the shortcuts that were taken in the building of our house 46 years ago. After repairs below, there was no question but that we had to go that extra step. The foundation needed work to be stable once again. It would be unthinkable to live with a gaping hole in a foundation.

Today’s verse describes the faith of Abraham, looking forward to the Celestial City with sure foundations. He does not have to worry about how those foundations were built as the Builder and Architect is God Himself. Abraham lived as a nomad, in tents and on the move. (verse 9) He lived like a stranger in a foreign country. The idea of building his life on an unmovable foundation must have been especially attractive.

The foundation this world offers is never a sure one. Its changing “truths” make it full of holes and unstable. Trying to build my life on it is like trying to nail jello to a wall! If there are no absolute truths there can be nothing sure and certain on which to build my life. But my foundation is God’s unchanging and life-giving Word. Nothing and no one can poke holes in His Word, His character and His plans. Despite the uncertainties of this life, I can look forward with certainty to the fulfillment of every promise. My Builder and Architect is even now preparing a place for me (John 14:2).

Lord, keep me looking forward to what You have prepared for me!

4 thoughts on “Poking Holes

  1. Félicitations bonne leçon
    tirée de votre expérience actuelle


  2. Dear Jan, Another great devotion. You are gifted. You can pack great TRUTH from the Word into such a small space…..and it goes right into the small space of my heart. This one is so apropos with our study of Heaven. I took the liberty of forwarding this to David and Beverly Greene. (Parents of David and Jon Greene who you had in 4th grade). They are doing tons of work with the patio foundation in back yard and more inside their kitchen. This will bless them. How wonderful you can take the “foundational” mess, the bother, the inconvenience, and the expense of poking holes in your foundation to repair it and plumbing………and make it it a God-honoring…Heaven-pointing devotion. Thank you so much, Jan.
    I love you. Soli Deo Gloria!


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