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Scripture for Today: Psalm 145:10 “All Your works praise you, Lord; Your faithful people extol You.”

photo by Richard Schneider

“O my God, it’s beautiful!” was the first thing out of the mouth of a meteorologist as she broke the surface of Jelly Fish Lake. I can understand her reaction as the underwater camera panned the millions of jellyfish who had been her swimming partners. This lake is found on Eil Malk Island in Palau. It once had an outlet to the sea but is now closed off. Over time, these golden jellyfish lost their sting making snorkeling through them possible. These fascinating creatures are always moving as they follow the sun’s arc across the sky. Swimming through them must be an eerie and unforgettable experience!

Today’s verse proclaims that all of God’s creation praise its Maker. Perhaps this is what prompted the reporter to exclaim as she did. The millions of golden jellyfish extol the greatness and creativity of their Maker by their very presence. Even at such a remote location, God demonstrates His artistic power in creating something that most of us will never even see. Even if man does not recognize how they came to be, God’s eternal power and divine nature are revealed through what He has made (Romans 1:20).

All of the beauty and majesty of the Lord’s creation is intentional. His intention is to reveal Himself to those who would seek Him. All of His creation is like a huge megaphone announcing to those who would listen, “I am here.  This is for you and I love you.” Those golden jellyfish following the sun are a reminder to me to continually stay close to the warmth of the Son’s presence and light.

Lord, may I be faithful to extol You for all Your wondrous works!

(Look familiar? This is a repost from 2015)

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