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Over or Under?

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Scripture for Today: Isaiah 48:18 “If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea.”

Approaching that wave and calmly riding it out takes some good judgement and timing. I remember swimming in the waves with my daughter when she was just 10. We were cresting the tops and enjoying ourselves. But suddenly a set approached that were too much for us. I yelled out to take a deep breath, dive under and hold your breath until it passed over us. We were in still quiet water as the wave thundered over our heads. I am sure if she had disobeyed, she would have survived but she certainly would have been tossed around!

Today’s verse describes our peace and well-being like a river and waves. That peace comes as a result of following God’s way. His way includes leading us by quiet waters and restoring our souls (Psalm 23:2). His commands are designed for our good. He teaches us what is best for us (verse 17). But in our independent spirit, we do not always pay attention to how He leads. We try cresting that wave rather than going under it. That peace alludes us as we move away from the Lord of peace.

When I am listening and obeying God’s voice, I experience peace with Him. There are sweet times and a clear sense of His pleasure when I am not fighting Him. Submitting to Him can be a struggle, but worth the effort when I can feel that deep heart peace in the middle of turmoil around me. He calms my spirit and anxious thoughts. Regardless of my circumstances, the still waters of His peace get me through, guarding my heart.

Lord, keep me obedient and feeling Your peace today.

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