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Scripture for Today: Proverbs 27:19 “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.”

This fox looks a little confused! The light and angle of the water is just right for him to see his reflection. Perhaps he is enthralled with himself or maybe he is startled to think he is not alone! I wonder how long he stood there looking at himself. Perhaps he stood rooted to the ground just until the image was distorted by a ripple in the water or a falling leaf.

Today’s verse likens the reflection of water to the way the heart of man is reflected in how he lives. It seems a very obvious statement. But there are so many things that muddy the waters and distort that reflection. A polished image on the outside can even be a distraction as to the state of our hearts. Add a suit and tie, a classy car, and a smooth tongue and assumptions are made as to the character of a man. A practiced smile and impeccable manners can go a long way to misrepresent who we really are. But eventually, like still waters reflect an image, so our hearts are revealed in the way we live our lives.

My heart is just as desperately wicked as described in Jeremiah 17:9. I am often deceived into thinking that I am really a pretty good person. But that is deception. I continually need His grace and forgiveness for all the hidden sins. The image I project to the world is lost on the Lord! He sees every ugly thought in my heart. The amazing thing is that He loves me anyway. He waits for me to turn my heart to Him for cleansing. He is always faithful to do it! And  when He does, His image in me is beautiful!

Lord, make my heart beautiful today.

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