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Scripture for Today: Psalm 139:16 “Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

Is this cat a bibliophile, appreciating and collecting books? More likely, his paw is just serving as a bookmark for his owner. Today is National Book Lover’s Day. This is a day where one is encouraged to spend the whole day reading! We observe this day by visiting the public library. Or we can explore a used book store for that overlooked gem of an out-of-print tome. Another way to mark the day is to randomly give a book to someone.

Today’s verse talks about a book that records all the days that are allotted to each one of us. He Himself has authored this book and it is timeless. It records the length of our lives before they are even begun. What an amazing verse that makes clear just how detailed and expansive His control is! As He has planned, and as He has purposed, so it will happen (Isaiah 14:24). Every entrance into the hereafter is on the very day recorded in that book.

It is a tremendous comfort to know that God never slips up. A death may still seem untimely to me, but He knows. A life may be violently cut short, but God has a plan through all of it that we do not see on this side of eternity. I cannot thwart His plan for my exit from this world. Rather than be frightened at the thought, I am reassured that He has a plan. His control is good because He is good. I do not need to know the number of my days. I just need to know that He knows.

Lord, help me to always be confident of Your control.

3 thoughts on “Bibliophile

  1. You should always think about living your life in a way that will glorify God and bless others and not in a way that will be self-serving and not living for yourself. Picking up your cross daily is something you have to also remember to do.

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