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Scripture for Today: Psalm 43:3 “Send me your light and your faithful care, let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell.”

The role of “caregiver” is never one that I envisioned for myself. But with the failing heart health of my Mother-in-law at 95 years old, it is a role that my husband and I have gladly embraced. Home hospice care has got to be one of the hardest kinds of care to give. But these moments at end of life are precious as we talk of Heaven, Jesus and those who have gone before. Sweet memories are made as we openly share our love.

Today’s verse speaks of a care that does more than any care we can give each other. God’s care is constant and faithful. With that care comes His light, making His presence felt. His care and light reassure us of His love. And especially when leaving this earth, His light and care lead us to His literal presence. Because He cares for us, we can cast on Him and on His shoulders all the anxiety we may be feeling (I Peter 5:7).

How incredible it is that He should care for me! He not only cares about physical ailments but He cares about my worry and fear. His light and care lead me to Himself and to a deeper intimacy with Him. No caregiver can do what He does for me or what He is currently doing for my Mother-in-law. He answers when I call. He dries my tears and encourages me with a song. He reassures me of His love and perfect plan. He reminds me of an incredible future that awaits. He calms my fears and gives me unexplainable peace.

Thank you Lord, for your amazing caregiving!

10 thoughts on “Caregiver

  1. Jan, I read about Minnie on your FB page. I took the liberty to inform the IP Ladies. We are all praying for you, Randy, your family, and of course, Minnie. It is one of the sweetest and most personal ministries in life. That of hospice home care. You and Randy will treasure these days-a gift from Him.


  2. I’m sorry to hear of Panda’s failing health, but when she enters heaven that smile of hers is going to light up the place! Hugs to you and Randy


  3. It’s hard but also a great joy to care for a parent. You are truly follow the commandment honor your father and your mother. Hard but no regrets. We did it with my dad in 2016.


  4. You and Randy are in a very tender time…prayers for you three to have all the time you need to touch, smile and care for each other.

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  5. Beautiful, Jan. We will pray for you all in Staff Prayer Meeting. Our constant thoughts and prayers are with you.


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