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Scripture for Today: Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

Meet Woody (the one on the left!). This well-loved quarter horse belonging to our cousin was cared for and cherished for thirty seven and a half years! This particular breed is listed along with four others as likely to live the longest. But that just makes their departure so much more devastating. Woody’s gentle loving spirit will be sorely missed. But what was especially heart-wrenching was learning of those last moments. The vet allowed Jenny to lay down over Woody’s heart as it slowed and stopped, assuring him of her love.

Today’s verse is all about the heart. Not only is it the seat of our emotions and will but the heart determines everything in life. It is with our hearts that we ultimately make our decisions. Everything we do flows from what our heart is telling us to do. If we could just understand our hearts then we can faithfully follow it and all will be well. Except that the heart is deceitful and no one can understand it (Jer. 17:9). That is why we are told to carefully guard the heart.

How do I guard my heart? Because it is deceitful I need the truth of God’s Word to have any kind of perspective. When I face a life-changing decision, I do not trust my fickle heart. It is through my prayers, petitions and thanksgiving that I can guard my heart and mind with the peace God promises (Phil. 4:7). His peace replaces the anxiety and second guessing. With every beat of my heart, His peace reassures me of His love and presence!

Lord, guard my heart with Your truth and Your peace.

4 thoughts on “Woody

  1. 1. A very dear picture. 2. The paragraph about Woody totally put a huge lump in my throat. 3. The description and definition of our heart and its functions plus what Scripture says about it is beautifully and convincingly written……it all went straight to my heart!!! Thank you, Dearest Jan.


  2. Dear Jan, I am sitting here weeping at your beautiful tribute to my Woody. You lovingly captured those last moments on paper of our hearts beating together one last time as we guarded each other’s until his last breath. Woody lived in a dry corral for many years, but he helped me live in green pastures every day of my life, along with the hundreds of people who were blessed to be on his back. He brought joy, laughter and wonderment especially on our “Woody Woods Walks” in the forest to children young and old where we live. Woody was a gracious gift from the heart of our loving God… The One who put a love for horses in my heart and to share him and Him with whomever He brought along our path. “Upward, Onward”… Your Thankful Cousin


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