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Falling in Love?

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 89:2 “I will declare that your love stands firm forever, that you have established your faithfulness in heaven itself.”

I am all for falling in chocolate as I will admit to being a chocoholic, especially loving the dark varieties. But I wouldn’t want to give up falling in love! This expression has been around at least since the 1590’s when Edmund Spenser wrote a poem entitled, “The Faerie Queen.” The phrase seems to suggest that this falling is entirely involuntary, unplanned and unexpected. But if one can fall IN love, perhaps one can just as easily fall OUT of it!

Today’s verse speaks of a love that stands firm forever. It is a love that is constant and true because of the One who is doing the loving! Beginning this relationship does not involve falling into it, unless we are falling to our knees in repentance and humility! The love relationship between the Lord and one who comes to Him in faith is absolutely a choice and absolutely overwhelming. He took the initiative in loving us first (I John 4:19) and loving us to the end. (John 13:1)

Unlike human flawed and fickle love, God’s love for me reaches to the skies! (Ps. 57:10) And unlike any earthly relationship, He will never disappoint. (Is. 49:23) That is because His love does not depend on me and my performance but on His faithful promise. His faithfulness to His Word is untouchable there in Heaven itself! What a huge comfort to know that the Lord is never going to give up on me!  Nothing is going to change His love.  God is Love in its most beautiful and purest form.

How amazing it is that You can love me, Lord! 

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