Devotions By Jan

A Mark of Impatience


Scripture for Today: Proverbs 16:32 “Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city.”

It was not one of my stellar moments. The workers had promised they would put up all my wall hangings for me. I waited. Patiently I thought. After all, it was a low priority in our renovation. I could wait some more….until I couldn’t and I went ahead without them! I thought I understood the instructions on the adhesive I used and how to test it. I obviously did not as the lack of plaster attests! Every time I pass that wall I am reminded of my impatience!

Today’s verse values the patient person more than a successful strong warrior. Self-control is more admired than someone who conquers a city. And both patience and self-control are part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in a believer. (Gal. 5:22-23) Throughout Scripture we are told to “wait on the Lord.” When He makes a promise, we can absolutely rely on His faithfulness to come through. Like Sarah who was promised a son in her old age, it is when we try to “help God out” that we get ourselves in trouble.

I don’t like to wait. I often want to tell the Lord why now is so much better than later! But nothing He does is without plan or purpose. Certainly, He can fulfill all His promises at any time He chooses. But He chooses to make me wait and it’s for my benefit; to build my trust, to make me patient, to work on my self-control! My, what a lot of work He has!

Thank you Lord, for being patient with me!

2 thoughts on “A Mark of Impatience

  1. Thank you, dearest Jan for your transparency and humility and honesty.
    Oh, how it honors and glorifies God!!!! You are a beautiful writer…one who can say volumes in a single paragraph. Love to you. xo


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