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IMG_20121209_084146IMG_20130123_114751Scripture for Today:  II Corinthians 5:7  “For we walk by faith and not by sight.”

The fog was so dense today.  The normal view from my window was completely obscured by it.  The tower of our beautiful cathedral was no longer visible.  It was an eerie feeling to know something was there but not to be able to see it.

Even though the fog lingered for most of the day, it never occurred to me to doubt whether the cathedral was still there.  I did not see it but I had no problem believing it was still there.

In the spiritual realm nothing can be seen with our physical eyes.  But there are things that are very much spiritually seen.  We see with eyes of faith.  We walk by faith which according to Hebrews 11:1 is the “substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”

I cannot literally see the Lord.  But I do see Him with eyes of faith.  There is sometimes the fog of doubt or discouragement, but I know He is there.  Nothing has changed except my perception.   His Word remains true and His promises continue to be valid, regardless of how I may be feeling today.

Everyone has faith in something.  But faith in and of itself is worthless without the object of our faith being true and worthy.  And He is.  I am thankful that the fog lifts and He reassures me of His presence and care.

As I write this, it is dark.  The fog has completely lifted and the cathedral is bathed in spotlights.  One day, there will be no more need for faith as I will be walking by His side.  My prayer echos these lyrics; “And Lord, haste the day when the faith shall be sight.”

One thought on “Fog

  1. Great devotion today, we have had over a week of dense fog that lasts all day. I like the analogy to not seeing God but He is here. 🙂



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