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Price Tag

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IMG_20130124_111941Scripture for Today:  I Corinthians 6:20  “For you are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

Shopping in France is very different than shopping in the States.  In France, there are only two times in the year when a retailer can put on a store-wide sale; January and July.  Those stores who choose another time of year will have to pay a fine to the government.  So sales here are a long-anticipated event.

Retailers will announce the words, “Prix Choc!” which translates, “Price Cut.”  But my mind always goes to the other meaning of “choc” and I am shocked at the price still being so high!    One good thing about shopping here is that the tax is always included in the price listed.  Even so, I always need to translate the euros into dollars to know what I am paying.

Our verse for today talks about a price that God paid for me.  The price He paid for me was enormously high and shocking!  On that cross He shed blood and died for me.  He paid for me the debt that I owed for my own sin.  It cost Him everything.

My body and spirit rightfully belong to Him.  I am not my own.  Because of His sacrifice I am His.  So then, I am to honor Him in all I do.  I do not always do a good job of it.  Thankfully, He does not go to “Returns” because I am defective!  He did not purchase me because I was worth it.  He purchased me to give me worth.  It is amazing that He would think I could be worth loving, worth holding.  But He does.  He created me to be His.

I am forever His and He is forever mine!

One thought on “Price Tag

  1. Oh, only if we really knew what God’s value for us is versus our potential to truly be more like Christ everyday.


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