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IMG_20130217_165438Scripture for Today:  Psalm 77:11  “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.”

The French have a saying about memory.  When one is forgetful they call their memory a strainer or colander, full of holes!  That makes sense as they also call a memory lapse a “trou” or hole.

I often think I will remember something forever, especially when it is monumental or marks me in some way.  I am surprised to later realize that I have forgotten it.  I am so thankful for all the photos that my husband takes.  They help to plug some of those holes so the memories do not drop out!

In our verse for today David is determined to remember what God has done for him.  Being human I am sure he had problems with his memory too.  The disciples sure did!  In Matthew 16 Jesus had to remind them of his feeding of the five thousand when they were worried about having no bread.  Their failure to remember stunted the growth of their faith.

I can certainly relate to the disciples.  I so easily forget all the miracles that God has done in my own life.  When faced with a new challenge or difficulty, the memory of what He has done in the past should prepare me to respond in faith.  It is important for me to remember.

The Israelites made altars of stone to remember.  David wrote his Psalms to remember.  One generation is to orally testify to the next to remember.  God’s Word is full of testimony to His deeds and miracles.  We all need helps to remember.  It is worth the effort as the memories strengthen our faith.

Lord, strengthen my faith today with memories of your miraculous work in me!

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