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IMG_20130217_170519Scripture for Today:  Philippians 3:20  “But our citizenship is in heaven.  And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

We love living in France but we do not love doing the paperwork to keep up our legal status.  (I am not showing our actual visas or “green cards” for security reasons)  It is nice that my French driver’s license has no renewal date, but all my other papers do.  From time to time we go through the entire process of filling out papers, paying the fee and making the appointments, all for the privilege of living here.  If we were to apply for citizenship we could avoid this process but we have chosen to keep our American citizenship.

Our verse for today teaches that the believer has yet another citizenship; a citizenship in Heaven.  This image reminds me that this world is not really my home.  My stay here is only temporary.  All my loyalties belong elsewhere.  Earthly things should not have the same influence on me as for the nonbeliever.  Being a citizen of Heaven means that sensual appetites are not my focus.

What then should be my focus?   I need to be looking in anticipation for the coming of my Savior.  When He comes, He will transform my body to be like His!  I will no longer do battle with fleshly appetites.  My new body will be glorious, freed from all kinds of earthly restrictions.

There are times when I am so steeped in this world and its values that I forget who I am; a citizen of Heaven.  As much as I want to live comfortably here, I can become too complacent and forget to look up.

Lord, help me to live like who I am, a citizen of Heaven eagerly awaiting Your coming!

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