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IMG_20130219_095627Scripture for Today:  Romans 15:4  “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”

When our daughters were young they were thrilled to wear these cheerleading outfits.  At that time my husband taught at a public high school.  He had these outfits professionally made so the girls could cheer along with the “real” cheerleaders at sporting events.  They were quite the hit!

Anytime spirit lagged among the spectators, all the girls had to do was look cute and shake their pom-poms and the crowd would find their voice again!  With just a little encouragement from the girls, the crowd would cheer.

Our verse for today gives us another source of encouragement; Scripture.  We need its encouragement to hold on to our hope.  We need the encouragement of Scripture to endure.  Our spirits sometimes lag.  We get discouraged waiting for that answer to prayer or His promise to be fulfilled.

God’s Word is so much more than a pep talk though.  His Word is a love letter where the Lord reveals His heart as well as His plan for me.  He so often points me to just the right passage to encourage me when I am down.  He speaks to me through His Word when I am tired and feel like giving up.  He knows just what I am feeling.

Nothing in this world can give me the same kind of encouragement to hope that God’s Word does.  Hope in what is certain, true and unchangeable is a sure hope and not some flimsy wishful thinking.

God’s Word cheers me on.  He is on my side and He wants me to succeed.  He gives me daily encouragement to keep on keeping on!  Thank you, Lord!

One thought on “Cheerleaders

  1. Never knew he had those professionally made! Now the challenge is to be an encourager to others without any special uniform 🙂


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