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Travel Insurance


Scripture for Today: Psalm 40:11 “Do not withhold Your mercy from me, Lord; may Your love and faithfulness always protect me.”

It is not uncommon for us to buy travel insurance when flying.  With the possibility of cancellations, health concerns, or accidents, it seems a good idea.  One time in particular we needed to file a claim and were glad we had purchased it.  But one important step is to know what the policy covers and what it does not!  Today I made some wrong assumptions, thinking a flight delay causing my husband to miss a connection would be part of our protection.  The name of our policy, “Trip Protector” was perhaps a misnomer.

Our verse for today is better than any insurance plan.  There is nothing that cannot be covered by God’s love and faithfulness for His children.  We do not pay for this protection nor do we earn it by our devotion to Him.  Thankfully, in His mercy He does not give us what we deserve.  We cannot lay claim to anything.  It is out of His love and faithfulness that He protects His own.

David wrote this psalm in praise to the One who is his help and deliverer (verse 17).  He experienced troubles so numerous he described them as being “without number.” (verse 12)  God’s protection does not mean that life is trouble free!  David was continually plagued with enemies.  He felt as if his sins were overtaking him.  But rather than stay in that place of fear and insecurity, he calls on the Lord and the Lord reassures him.

I will continue to buy insurance and take other safety measures, of course.  But my biggest source of coverage is His powerful hand.  I can trust His good and loving control.

Thank you Lord, that I can relax in Your merciful protection.

2 thoughts on “Travel Insurance

  1. Almost skipped over this as it sounded like someone was trying to sell me something. So glad I didn’t miss the message. You are soooo very clever in words and pictures. Thanks Jan. xxxooo


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