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Bath Time

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Scripture for Today: John 13:10 “Jesus answered, ‘Those who have had a bath need only to wash their feet; their whole body is clean. And you are clean, though not every one of you.'”

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to bathe a cat!  If it is ever tried, the best way is to do it with some sort of protective gear as claws will appear!  I have heard of cats that like water but it seems to be the exception.  The howling and carrying on is pathetic.  Normally, the cat licking himself is all that is needed, but there are those rare occasions when a bath is necessary.  And afterwards, the cat will never look at its owner in quite the same way again!

Our verse for today is in the context of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.  All but one of these disciples (Judas) had already been bathed.  They had each experienced the life-changing cleansing and forgiveness of the Lord.  However, the day-to-day walk meant that their feet would continue to get dirty and need daily cleansing.

I am thankful for that initial bath of salvation.  It does not need to be repeated.  God’s forgiveness is complete and there is nothing to add to our salvation.  “It is finished,” was declared from the cross and my salvation is secured because of His grace.  That does not mean that I do not continue to sin, unfortunately.  But because of being “in Christ” (Romans 8:1) there is no longer any condemnation for my sin.  Taking care of “dirty feet” everyday means that I agree with God when He points out that dirt.  I need to recognize my sin and ask His help to avoid repeating it.

Thank you Lord, that in Heaven my feet will no longer need washing!



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