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Nit Picking


Scripture for Today: I Corinthians 13:7 “It (love) bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

I wonder how much this poor monkey is enjoying the nit picking part of the daily grooming.  The process of having the eggs of those lice squeezed off his head cannot be all that comfortable!  The nit picking that humans do is not all that comfortable either.  We sometimes get overly concerned with details and things that do not really matter in the behavior of others.  Details that are not worth mentioning are mentioned to the detriment of a relationship.

Today’s verse is part of the famous “love chapter.”  Love is described as forbearing.  It bears the pain of unmet expectations and hurt.  It continues on even when disappointed.  This kind of love is a committed one that does not give up easily. And true love is a faithful love that believes the best about a person.

Believing the best of a person means that I will not get overly concerned about details or get critical about the small stuff.  Believing the best of a person means that I am according them respect.  When I am criticized I am not motivated to change but will instead “dig in my heels” and continue.  But when I am faced with a love that believes in me, I want to live up to that belief.

Nit picking can look very much like seeing a speck of dust in another’s eye while ignoring the log in one’s own (Matt. 7:3).  If I want to have an offense overlooked on my part, I surely need to extend that same kind of grace to others.

Lord, keep me from nit picking today.  Make me as gracious as You are!

3 thoughts on “Nit Picking

  1. You said it! Amen


  2. GROSS — I always hated that about monkeys BUT you do make a point about our own behavior. Will not nit pick. xxxooo


  3. Living in the supposed undenominational Irvine 2×2’s doctrine for 35 years. In hind sight we majored in nit-picking. And for a long time afterwards one often had to bite their tongue,as it had been a second srnce


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