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Scripture for Today: Psalm 69:21 “They (my enemies) put gall in my food and gave me vinegar for my thirst.”

There all kinds of vinegars to choose from when making a gourmet salad dressing.  In our area of Alsace, apple vinegar is very common. But I enjoy the strawberry and raspberry vinegars too.  There is an amazing specialty shop in Freiburg, Germany that sells grapefruit, mandarin orange and pomegranate vinegars, among others.  They are great for adding that extra bit of flavor, but I cannot imagine drinking pure vinegar!

Our verse for today describes the persecution David experienced from his enemies.  He felt scorned, disgraced and shamed.  He looked for sympathy and comfort but found none.  His food tasted bitter from their gall, and there was no quenching of his thirst as it all tasted like vinegar.  This psalm describes David’s trials but also foretells the Lord’s suffering on the cross when his enemies offered him vinegar, made with light wine turned acid.  It was mixed with gall or some kind of bitter plant.

The mockery of our faith by unbelieving friends can certainly sour our lives.  The taunting of family members can make life taste very bitter.  It is not easy to stand alone in one’s conviction of the Truth.  But this psalm ends with praise for the Lord’s response to our cries.  He promises salvation and an inheritance to all who love His name!  God is righteous and He vindicates His own!

The sympathy and comfort I long for when feeling beaten down is only found in the Lord.  He hears not only my prayers but the unspoken cries of my heart.  No one understands like Jesus.  He promises to be my strength to stand firm even in the face of misunderstanding and opposition.

Thank you Lord, that You bore much worse for me!

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