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look out unnamedScripture for Today: Psalm 24:1-2 “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it. For He founded it on the seas and established it on the waters.”

There are several lookouts along the paths of the Back Bay in Newport Beach.  Often, when I am intent on my power walks I just pass by them.  But when I do take the time to stop, these lookouts tell me what I am seeing.  They describe different landmarks the view presents.  They describe too the wildlife and the different species of birds and plants.  After stopping and enjoying the view and the new information, I continue my walk with a deeper appreciation for what I am seeing and smelling.

Our verse for today reminds us that all of creation is the Lord’s.  He is the Creator and like most every creator, He is pleased when we admire His work!  To have the Maker walk with us through His masterpiece of creation is a wonderful privilege.  He explains to us what we are seeing in His Word.  The Bible is our “lookout” explaining the view and how grand and awesome is the power He has.  All of creation points to the Maker and Author of life.  His invisible qualities, His eternal power, and His divine nature are clearly seen in what He has made (Romans 1:20).

Appreciating nature is something we share with most everyone.  What is sad is when creation is seen from a merely human point of view.  Passing by those “lookouts” of Scripture diminishes the appreciation and gratitude to our Creator!  A whole side to enjoying nature is missed!

I want to see it all from the Creator’s point of view!  Lord, keep me in Your Word today.

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