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clogunnamedScripture for Today: Psalm 19:12 “But who can discern their own errors. Forgive my hidden faults.”

In making a transatlantic move we have had to start over with different appliances that work with different voltage.  Our friends have been so kind to help us with new and gently used items.  This morning I tried out the vacuum cleaner’s attachments.  Nothing.  There was no suction at all.  I thought it odd as it was a good brand and appeared practically new.  But looking down the tube I saw the problem.  It was blocked, and not just a little.  I kept pulling and pulling the stuff out!  No wonder there was no power!  The vacuum looked wonderful and clean on the outside but inside was a different story.

Our verse for today points out what can be successfully hidden.  Our own errors are often difficult to discern.  We can feel pretty good about what image we project to those around us.  But if we do not take care of what is inside, then we too are without power and not effective.  I imagine that if I had not unblocked that tube, the motor would have eventually burned out.

David asked forgiveness for the hidden faults he could not see.  It was a prayer that showed a lot of humility.  He realized that the heart is deceitful and difficult to understand (Jer. 17:9).  Rather than depending on his own examination, David asked the Lord to search his heart for him (Psalm 139:23).

Do I have the courage to pray this same prayer?  Who knows what gunk He will pull out into view?  But the cleansing forgiveness He offers clears it all out.  His power becomes available and He can work through me anew.

Yes Lord.  I know there is plenty that is hidden.  Thank you for Your full forgiveness.


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