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beesunnamedScripture for Today: Psalm 19:10 “They are more precious than gold, than pure gold. They are sweeter than honey, than honey from the honeycomb.”

I was very surprised to see this warning sign on my walk the other day.  I proceeded with lots of caution and fortunately did not encounter any aggressive bees.  Ever since being stung on the neck as a toddler, I have been a big baby about bees.  I have not been stung since, and I attribute that to always being cautious around them.  I have a lot of respect for beekeepers and the lengths they go to extract that sweet honey.

Our verse for today likens God’s decrees to pure gold and sweet honey.  God’s commandments are sweet because they show us a better way to live, one that will lead to close intimacy with Him.  His Word is Truth and like honey, it sweetens life and makes it worth living.

The problem with honey for me is always the bees.  The Church is to proclaim God’s sweet Word, but the bees sometimes get aggressive.  At times there is a problem with everyone wanting to be the “Queen Bee,” the most important bee in the hive.  But in fact, all believers are “worker bees.”  We all serve one Lord and it is His glory we seek and not our own.

When the bees are aggressive and not getting along, the message of God’s sweet Word to others is lost.  There is enough jostling for position in the world.  We are to attract those outside the “hive” by the love we have, honoring others above ourselves (Rom. 12:10).  When I live with other believers like that, not only is God’s sweet Word heard, but my testimony is sweet as well.

I pray no one has to “proceed with caution” around me today!


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