Devotions By Jan

A Dog and His Bone

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Scripture for Today: Philippians 4:6 “Don’t fret or worry.  Instead of worrying, pray.  Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns.”

Though this dog looks harmless enough, I would not want to get between him and his bone!  He must be in “doggy heaven” with such a treasure.  How many hours of fun he will have biting, tearing and gnawing at it.  However, there is lots of controversy about giving dogs bones.  There is discussion about raw versus cooked and which kinds are safe from splintering and causing problems.  But worrying a bone is something that seems a normal natural activity for a dog.

The phrase, “worrying a bone” reminded me of our verse for today.  We are told that we are not to worry, fret or be anxious about anything.  Instead, we are to turn those worries into prayers, thanking God in advance for how He will answer.  But like the dog with his bone, worrying just seems to come naturally.  It is so natural to worry that we need supernatural help to stop!

Worrying changes nothing, but praying can.  Prayer disposes my heart to trust Christ.  He already knows what worries are gnawing at me.  But He asks me to name those worries in the form of petitions.  What freedom can be mine when I give it all to Him!  He replaces that worry with His peace that guards my heart and mind.  Instead of being consumed with worry, I can get some distance from that problem.  I am no longer gnawing and picking at it.  My mind and heart are at rest, knowing I can trust His hand to work.

Lord, keep me from my natural inclination to worry.  Help me turn every anxious thought into heartfelt prayer.

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