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Scripture for Today: Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You.”

I am so glad I do not live in hurricane country.  We were in Florida one summer as a hurricane came through and I will never forget it!  We got up in the middle of the night and jumped in our car, hoping to race out of town ahead of it.  We did not feel the full force of those winds as we managed to get out, but even the beginning of it was impressive.  Those winds howled so that we could hardly stand!

There is one place in the midst of a hurricane where there is very little wind or rain, and that is at its very center.  The eye of the hurricane is where the storm’s minimum barometric center is found.  There, in a space typically 20-40 miles wide, there is utter calm in the middle of chaos.

Our verse for today describes a peace that is perfect.  The winds still howl and rage.  The rains continue to pelt the ground, but the one in that “eye of the storm” will not be affected.  That is the case for anyone who keeps their minds steadfast on the power and goodness of the Lord.  Absolute trust in God’s control will lead to absolute peace.

Keeping my mind steadfast on the Lord Jesus is not so easy.  Like Peter, I am distracted by the elements around me and start to sink (Matt. 14:31).  Jesus is so gracious to stretch out His hand and catch me.  His presence is my “eye of the storm” where I can have peace and calm despite my circumstances.

Thank you Lord, for the perfect peace I find in You.

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  1. Keep my heart focused on You LORD.


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