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Fresh Strawberries

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 119:103 “How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth.”

There is nothing better than the surprise of biting into an especially sweet fresh strawberry!  I am surprised as I have grown accustomed to strawberries that are not as flavorful being picked too soon.  But when they are local and picked at exactly the right time, the flavor is amazing!  I will sometimes buy less-than-sweet strawberries for their pop of color and still enjoy them.  I will even use frozen strawberries on occasion.  But it is never the same as that fresh sweet strawberry with the juice and texture exactly right!

Today’s verse likens God’s words to that kind of sweetness.   His words are like honey for the soul.  Whether we hear them from a Bible teacher, a song or a devotional, it is always sweet.  But there is a different more intense flavor when we discover a nugget of truth for ourselves in His Word.  The taste is better and sweeter when He speaks to us directly from His Word without any other intermediary.  It is just picked.  It is fresh and there is a special sweetness.

I am encouraged by others’ teaching.  God uses the study and clear exhortation of Bible scholars in my life.  There is a myriad of wonderful study guides.  They are all sweet and have their place.  But there is a more satisfying and intense flavor to His Word when I take the time to open it on my own.  It is especially sweet when the Lord meets me and speaks to me directly.  His Spirit is so personal, guiding me into a truth for that moment and for my exact need.

Lord, I need Your sweet words.  Make them fresh for me today.



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