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Lost Sock?

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Scripture for Today: Luke 19:10 “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

Do you ever wonder where that wayward sock went?  It is one of those unsolved mysteries in life.  There is a child’s bright pink sock hanging out in the bushes in a public area near my daughter’s house.  Each time I pass it I wonder how on earth it got there.  But inevitably, socks go missing with disturbing regularity with enough washes.  And I will admit to throwing out that single sock after enough time has passed.  Of course, not long after, the missing sock will innocently show up!

Today’s verse is an answer to criticism Jesus was facing for being a guest in the house of a sinner, Zacchaeus.  Jesus went out of his way to greet him and invite Himself over to his home.  Zacchaeus welcomed Him gladly and experienced God’s salvation that very day.  This tax collector and cheater of his people knew he was lost and he was ready to be found.  Those criticizing Jesus were also lost but they stayed that way.  They did not think they needed finding.

How incredible that the Lord takes the initiative!  He actively seeks me as I am too lost to find the way to Him on my own.  He loves me enough to go out of His way and extract me from the mess of my own making.  He left Heaven to come after me!  I am no longer confused and lost, fearful or panicked.  I am found now and I am His.  I know where I am and to whom I belong.  What security that is!

“I once was lost but now am found.”  Thank you Lord, for coming after me.

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