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License Renewal

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Scripture for Today: Acts 11:23 “When he arrived and saw what the grace of God had done, he was glad and encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts.”

I recently had the frustrating experience of renewing my driver’s license.  After 10 years of automatic extensions, it was time.  I was unhappy to give up my old picture.  It was always fun to get that extra scrutiny, as I had changed so much.  I scheduled an appointment for early in the morning to avoid waiting in long lines.  My husband, however, just showed up when it opened without an appointment.  You can guess who got out of there first!  But we both had a nice surprise at the window.  We did not have to take the written test!  We were given grace!

Today’s verse describes another instance of grace.  Barnabus was sent to Antioch where Greeks were hearing the Gospel and turning to the Lord in large numbers.  Up until this point, salvation was seen mainly among the Jews.  Barnabus saw first hand what was to become the first largely Gentile church and he was glad to see that, “the Lord’s hand was with them.”  He discovered what the grace of God had done.

Grace is my favorite subject in God’s Word.  There is evidence of grace in every individual who turns their heart to Christ.  Grace is His hand of favor on my life and it is totally unmerited.  God shows grace only because He decides to and because His love moves Him.  He continuously pours out His grace on my life in every promise, in every answered prayer, in every gift from His Spirit.  His grace covers my stupid mistakes.  I don’t deserve it, but isn’t that the point?

Lord, where would I be without Your grace?


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