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Time Out

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Scripture for Today: Isaiah 32:17 “The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.”

All a mother wants is peace and quiet.  With lack of sleep and an overwhelming schedule, the last thing she wants to deal with is a toddler’s tantrum.  At least for a few minutes there is blessed peace and quiet as the sobs subside and the anger dissipates.  One can hope that those few moments in the corner will lead to some understanding of their bad behavior.  But at the very least, there is a break in the action and a chance to catch one’s breath!  Both toddler and mother can rediscover a sense of calm.

Today’s verse talks about a time when God’s Spirit is poured out on Israel.  It will be a time of peace and blessing.  There will no longer be strife and oppression because of the Lord reestablishing His justice.  The contrast is stark between life with His righteousness and life without it.  When His laws are obeyed, the “desert becomes a fertile field and the fertile field seems like a forest” (verse 15).  What a beautiful picture of how God wants life to be!

We long for peace but we do not seem to make that connection with righteousness.  Instead we connect peace to getting enough sleep, having the right environment or having our every wish fulfilled.  But peace is intricately linked to my obedience to Him.  When I follow His way, I can enjoy that sense of quietness and confidence.  I have that peace with God, not because I am perfect but because He makes me righteous through faith in His Son (Rom.3:22).  But I still need to have those “time outs” to think about following Him more closely!

Help me Lord, to experience Your peace today.

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