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Scripture for Today:  Psalm 111:2 “Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them.”

Perhaps this bystander would never have noticed the woman’s outfit had he not just bought something with a similar pattern.  Have you ever observed that whatever new experience we have, we tend to suddenly see more of the same around us?  Just like noticing the same make and color of the car we recently bought, we tend to see everywhere whatever our current focus is.  This phenomenon is called “reticular activating system” or RAF.  Like a gatekeeper to one’s brain, it sorts through one’s experiences, dismissing some as irrelevant, while letting through information on that which we are already focused on.

David declares in today’s verse that the works of the Lord are great.  He calls God’s deeds glorious and majestic (verse 3).  He then goes on to list a few of those works: providing food and remembering His covenant, giving them the lands of other nations, and providing redemption.  David is focused on God’s works so he sees them everywhere.  He is seeing confirmation of who God is in all His works.  And because this is David’s focus, he is seeing God’s works everywhere.

There are times I see God’s hand everywhere in my life.  My spiritual senses seem heightened and I am more aware of what He is doing.  This most often happens after spending time in His Word.  When I am focused on His truth, I suddenly see confirmation after confirmation!  It could be in seeing His creativity in nature.  It could be in a chain of unusual circumstances.  I am reassured of His intimate love in the simple memory of a song lyric.  What a delight to see His works over and over!

Lord, keep me focused and seeing You today!




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